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Pest Control Bridgnorth

Pest Control Bridgnorth

Acute Pest Control provide a friendly, efficient & professional pest control service in and around the Bridgnorth and wider Shropshire area. If you have pest control problems, Acute Pest Control can quickly resolve these for you!

Pest Control Bridgnorth

Relentless and unwavering, many pests possess the remarkable ability to infiltrate even the most secluded spaces, establishing their presence. Once these pests gain a foothold in your environment, they bring forth the potential for health risks, property damage, and significant disturbances. Acting promptly and decisively is crucial.

Understanding Pest Control: Pest control is a highly specialised method aimed at managing and eliminating pests, ranging from rodents and birds to insects, moles, and beyond.

Versatile Infestations: Pests showcase their adaptability by infiltrating a variety of locations, potentially causing harm to structures, walls, roofs, and various components of your property.

Health and Safety Priorities: Pest infestations can lead to discomfort, spread diseases, and trigger allergic reactions, presenting substantial health concerns for occupants.

Property Integrity and Aesthetic Appeal: The presence of pest infestations can significantly impact property values and the overall visual charm of your surroundings, affecting both residential and commercial spaces.

Restoring Environmental Balance: Pests disrupt the equilibrium of ecosystems, leading to a range of ecological challenges. Our pest control solutions provide targeted eradication without causing harm to the environment.

Outdoor Vulnerabilities: Pest infestations located in proximity to residences or businesses can pose significant risks, especially in areas that emphasise public safety.

Navigating the Pest Control Process:
  1. Assessment: Our experienced technicians conduct a comprehensive assessment to identify the nature and extent of the infestation, tailoring the approach accordingly.
  2. Treatment Plan: Based on the assessment, a customised treatment plan is formulated, deploying specific methods for different types of pests.
  3. Implementation: The chosen pest control methods are implemented, targeting pests across various areas of your property.
  4. Monitoring: Continuous monitoring ensures the effectiveness of the treatment and allows for adjustments if needed.
  5. Prevention Measures: Alongside pest control, proactive recommendations are provided to prevent future infestations and maintain a pest-free environment.

For concerns related to pest infestations in Bridgnorth, our certified pest control specialists offer comprehensive solutions. We prioritise your well-being, property integrity, and tranquility, guaranteeing an environment free from the disruptions caused by pests of all kinds.

Our Services

Close-up young rat (Rattus norvegicus) sniffs leftovers on a pla


The control of rats, mice and squirrels via habitat management.

Dove pigeon bird


The control of birds through bird-proofing of premises and other methods.

Wasps Causing Problem By Building Nest Under Roof Of House


The control of insects including flies, wasps and cockroaches.

Mole animal - Talpa Europaea, causing damage as a pest in the garden with its mole hills and underground tunnels


Removal of moles and their damage to properties and lawns.

Weed control spray fumigation. Industrial chemical agriculture. Man spraying toxic pesticides, pesticide, insecticides on fruit lemon growing plantation, Spain, 2019. Man in mask fumigating.


Fumigation is a method of pest control that completely fills an area with gaseous pesticides or fumigants which suffocate or poison the pests within.

Fly Killing


We supply a wide range of budget electronic fly killers for commercial, home and portable use.

Loft Clearance


The removal of old insulation infested by pests or droppings which can attract other pests as well as causing contamination.

Large white rental bag with organic green garden waste. Local councils collecting green waste to process it into green energy and compost.


Removing undergrowth, a common habitat of pests as well as prevention and restrictions of places for pests to reside.